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10 Reasons I support local!

As a passionate business owner, mum of two (helping raise the next generation) and active member of my local community, these are the reasons I think its great to support local.  I would love to hear other ideas from you in the comments section!


  1. Supports the local and national economy! This image below from locals4locals really illustrates where your dollars go!

Image sourced from : (Australian Data)

2. You can usually speak direct with the owner – so more personalised service.

3. Small Business’ need to make money to survive, So they will often go above and beyond for your sale – this means better customer service and flexibility with simple requests. Small Businesses also tend to invest money/goods and their precious time into local organisations to promote themselves like schools, sporting clubs or local events.

4. Speedier delivery! These businesses have already done the hard yards of getting it local (in saying that though! If buying online always check the shipping Q&A’s as there are some online stores that drop ship direct from overseas manufacturing points. Which means 2-6 weeks to arrive).

5. Items are often better quality, or you are more likely to get what you have paid for – they have scoured the globe (or country) for the product. Images generally have to be their own (or suppliers)– so they haven’t taken other people’s insta worthy images and shipped substandard rip offs.

6. If you do have any problems – then that retailer will be held accountable under Australian Law

7. You don’t need to worry about long return times, expensive return postage and possibility of not getting a refund ☹ (always read the refund policy though! Australian Retailers must abide by ACCC’s Consumer Rights and Guarantees but are not obliged to refund for things such as change of mind).

8. You can get bargains! Unlike bigger companies who can move loads of stock and then transfer excess elsewhere, small businesses have to move stock to get more stock in. So, you can find some great bargains!

9. Buying Small supports the local community! Small Business will often employ local people who have expertise in that industry, Small business will also be using local suppliers, so by buying locally from a store you will inevitably be supporting another small business with who supply good and services such as packaging, transport, IT, social media, accounting etc.

10. Having lots of small business increases competition – a marketplace with many small shops ensures innovation and keeps prices lower in the long term, you are essentially spoilt for choice (Rather than 1 or two brand options, Eek!) Anyone ever been to the Fremantle markets fresh food area? That is some great competition there. On the other end of the spectrum the internet is the modern day marketplace – if what you want isn’t available in your town, city or state – choose an Australian company over and overseas one.

Next time when you need to buy an item, go local, It gives you warm and fuzzies knowing you are supporting your community both economically and socially!


Some great articles on why its great to support local!





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